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Q. Are your GL policies written on a claims made or occurrence form?
A. The policies we issue are written on a manuscript occurrence form,

Q. Do you offer admitted coverage as well as non-admitted?
A. Yes. Admitted on Excess Liability is available. And all of the carriers we deal with are A rated by A.M. Best.

Q. On the GL program, do you offer a credit for insured subcontractor costs?
A. Yes. The credit given for insured subcontractor costs is unlimited but cannot exceed 50% of the total gross receipts.

Q. When will a resume be required to quote?
A. All new ventures with less than one year in business will require a resume.

Q. What if I need to revise the quote after it has been approved?
A. Contact your underwriter to unlock the submission.

Q. I don’t see a class code for the applicants work performed?
A.  Contact your underwriter and they will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate class code.

Q. Where can I locate a specimen copy of the policy form?
A. Once logged on to the online rater, a specimen copy of the applicable policy form will be available for your review on the Quote Screen.

Q. What do I need to send to bind coverage?
A. All required documents must be received prior to binding coverage. You may email them or simply upload them to the document handler online. The quote includes step-by-step instructions for what is needed to bind.

Q. What is the pricing for the different endorsements offered?
A. Contact Syreeta Brown via email [email protected] or call 760.345.9029 ext. 235. for endorsement pricing.

Q. Why is it necessary to perform a telephonic inspection directly with the insured?
A. Personal inspections are necessary to ensure our records are correct and to protect the integrity of their policy. It is also a requirement of the carriers we represent.

Q. Why is it necessary to conduct an audit upon the expiration of the policy?
A. Audits are required by the carrier and ensure that the proper amount of premium has been collected commensurate with the exposure.

Q. What is my commission on audit premium?
A. Your commission on audit premium is the same as long as it is not turned back for direct collection.

Q. Where should I send the down payment?
A. If sending a check by mail, please remit payment to Shield Commercial Insurance Services, 43725 Monterey Ave, Suite A, Palm Desert, CA  92260. We also accept checks via email or fax. Simply complete the Check Draft Authorization Form found on our website and email it to [email protected].

Q. What is the down payment due to Shield?
A. Please see the bottom right side of the invoice sent with the policy. The amount varies depending on the payment type selected.

Q. When is the down payment due?
A. Down payments are due within 10 days of the policy effective date.

Q. Do you provide financing?
A. Yes. Through our Reduced Down Payment program the insured is only required to pay 20% down of the entire policy cost. We allow all taxes and fees to be financed, other than the fees of the retail broker.

Q. Do you allow the retail brokers to arrange the financing?
A. Yes. The balance after down is due within 30 days of the policy effective date.

Q. What is my commission?
A. Your underwriter will have that information. You may also contact Selina Gil at [email protected] or 760.345.9029 ext. 232.

Q. What is the recommended browser for the rater to operate efficiently?
A. Google Chrome or Firefox.

Q. I am unable to sign on to the online rater or am having other technical difficulties.
A. Contact Selena Gil via email at [email protected] or 760.345.9029, ext. 232.

Q. Do you have a contact list for your departments in your office?
A. Please check “Our Team” page found under the Company dropdown on the homepage.